Protège-tibias Booster, BSG V9

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The 'Booster Fight Gear' V9 Shinguards are the ultimate choice for full-contact combat sports enthusiasts.
Handmade in Thailand, these shinguards are crafted to deliver unparalleled quality.
The high-quality synthetic leather outer shell and the multi-layered memory foam padding ensure optimal protection and comfort.
Extra padding around the foot, ankle, and shin adds an extra layer of safety, providing a secure fit that feels good with every kick and strike.
The ‘ Booster Fight Gear ‘ shinguards are designed with two well-positioned hook and loop padded Velcro closures for easy adjustability.
The strong elastic around the foot ensures that the shinguards stay firmly in place during intense training and sparring sessions.
Lightweight but highly protective, these shinguards deliver the perfect combination of speed and safety.
These shinguards meet professional quality standards, making them perfect for competition and sparring in all kinds of full-contact combat sports such as Muay Thai, kickboxing, and MMA.
Featuring strong artwork by 'Booster Fight Gear', these shinguards deliver style and personality to your training gear.
Make a statement with these shinguards, and showcase your passion for combat sports.
Experience the difference with the 'Booster Fight Gear' V9 Shinguards and unleash your full potential.
With professional quality, superior protection, and stylish design, you can dominate the competition and train with confidence.
Elevate your game with the 'Booster Fight Gear' V9 Shinguards.

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